5 of the Most Popular Design Trends of 2019

The modern move toward minimalism has led to the reoccurring use of textures, tones, and materials that carry through a space without break. Natural materials, both light and dark, and the incorporation of natural light leaves modern facilities and homes feeling both spacious and functional.

Natural Light

While spaces may be sparse and open, one of the goals of 2019 design is to celebrate natural light from every angle. Window coverings run from simple to nonexistent, offering homeowners a clear view of the world outside and plenty of natural light. This focus on getting as much natural light as possible into your space is another way to simplify and scale back on energy usage. Natural light is also said to increase focus and lift mental health.

Interior Lighting

Interior lighting trends are getting a bit more colorful thanks to color changing LED options. To keep the visual interest up and your electrical usage down, consider a Hue lighting system or LED rope lights for accent lighting. You can design a truly unique light fixture by pairing these flexible lighting tools and some custom steel fabrication.

Natural Materials

Wood is a traditional material, and it’s still important in 2019. However, there’s no reason for the way you use wood in your design to be traditional too. Change up the geometry; a wood paneled wall or a wainscot doesn’t have to be set at 90 degrees. You won’t need artwork when the walls themselves tell a story. Other natural materials with long lives are a big part of 2019 design. You can enjoy a beautiful sisal rug in a variety of color schemes. It will tolerate use and wear beautifully over time. No matter what next year’s hottest wall cover is, your rug will coordinate beautifully.


Furniture that provides you with a space to snuggle in with a good book or a loved one is back. While wall treatments and windows may be austere, you can cuddle up on a curved sofa with some gorgeous pillows and a cozy throw and read to your heart’s content as the sun sets.

Black and White

In addition to geometric patterns on walls, geometric patterns on pillows in black and white offer of eye-catching detail in small doses. Cottons and other simple fabrics will serve best in these striking pieces.

2019 is the year to focus on exactly what you need, where you need it. Colors are simple but applied boldly in large blocks for maximum appeal. Furniture is comfortable and ready for lounging. Lighting is eye catching and will look great against the earth-tones and natural materials featured in 2019.

Addy Reeds is a freelance writer from Eugene, Oregon. She discovered her passion for journalism while attending the University of Oregon. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook: @addyreeds1; https://www.facebook.com/addy.reeds

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