Hit The Road! 7 Atlanta Spots to Go On A Rental Car

Tired of monotonous everyday life, while your soul desires new experiences? A car trip to Atlanta will help you break up your winter depression. 

Atlanta is both the capital and the largest city in the state of Georgia. Although the city is not as agglomerated as Chicago or Detroit, it’s dynamic and constantly evolving. Here modern high-rise buildings of the center harmoniously coexist with the old villas of the old part of the city. 

Museums and theaters, shops, parks and playgrounds – there are a lot of them in Atlanta, and you can easily find them traveling on a rental car. If we talk about the most worthwhile sights, here are a few places we recommend you to go first:

Piedmont Park

Hit The Road! 7 Atlanta Spots to Go On A Rental Car

This green area is located in the center of Atlanta. There are excellent hiking trails, picnic areas, sports grounds, tennis courts, a public pool, two ponds and an area for dog walking. There’s also a huge parking lot, which will make it easier to find free space for your rental car.

The park is home to many annual events, including the Atlanta Dogwood Festival, Atlanta Jazz Festival, Gay Pride Festival. Lots of bars, cafes and restaurants beckon visitors around the park. Although local culinary establishments can only operate on a take-out basis amid the coronavirus pandemic, Piedmont Park will be a great outdoor place to spend time anyway.

World of Coca-Cola

Hit The Road! 7 Atlanta Spots to Go On A Rental Car

Atlanta is the headquarters of the Coca-Cola Company. The museum of this sweet soda is the most popular tourist attraction in the city, which is located opposite the Georgia Aquarium – almost a few dozen meters away.

Inside the museum is a miniature bottled cola-producing line. You can observe all stages of production and get a fresh bottle of Coca-Cola Classic at the exit from the museum.

It’s a permanent exhibition that offers an insight into the history of the great American company. It was opened to the public in 2007, in collaboration with a local museum.

Botanical Garden

Hit The Road! 7 Atlanta Spots to Go On A Rental Car

If you want to find yourself in an exotic place even during the cold season, come to the local Botanical Garden. Exotic car rental Atlanta will complement your pleasant experience and allow you to escape from the gray winter days.

Founded in 1976, the Atlanta Botanical Garden is undoubtedly one of the greatest landmarks of modern Atlanta. The garden is located in Midtown and is adjacent to Piedmont Park, actually being located on the historic part of the park. The Atlanta Botanical Garden collection of plants contains a large number of exhibits, and the administration of the garden is doing everything to attract visitors with interesting exhibitions and events.

Art Museum

Hit The Road! 7 Atlanta Spots to Go On A Rental Car

Founded in 1905, the museum was originally housed in the family residence of Mrs. Joseph Maxim. Today, it consists of 2 separate buildings designed by Richard Meier, where more than 11,000 exhibits are found.

In addition to the permanent exhibition with the works of Monet, Tournier, Tiepolo, here you can get acquainted with the migrating exhibitions throughout the year. Also, there’s a shop in the museum that offers hundreds of unique items, including jewelry.

CNN Office

Hit The Road! 7 Atlanta Spots to Go On A Rental Car

CNN is the largest news channel and it’s headquartered in Atlanta. This means you have a unique opportunity to go there in a rental car to visit the studio of the TV-company with a guided excursion.

The Inside CNN Studio Tour starts from the central square inside the CNN building. When you just get to this square, the scale is immediately striking: hundreds of windows from offices, where people are busy with news, look out onto this square.

During the move, it will be possible to see how the editing of the broadcast is done online. For this, the screen is divided into several parts, each of which performs its own function. In general, it’s worth going inside CNN, as this is an informative one-hour excursion into the thick of events!

Grant Park

Hit The Road! 7 Atlanta Spots to Go On A Rental Car

If you rent a car in Atlanta and want to make the most of your time, head to Grant Park for a picnic or just a walk in the fresh air.

It was created in 1882 when Lemuel Grant, an engineer and a successful businessman, donated about 40 hectares of land to the city. A little later, it was decided that this area is an ideal place for a zoo.

The park originally housed Lake Abana, but the expansion of the zoo and parking requirements has led to the removal of part of the lake. In 1996, the park underwent a decisive reorganization, after which it became a favorite place for a huge number of people: according to unofficial data, about 2,000,000 people visit it a year.

Atlanta Zoo

Hit The Road! 7 Atlanta Spots to Go On A Rental Car

Founded in 1889, the Atlanta Zoo is one of the oldest permanent zoological establishments in the United States. It contains over 1,300 animals representing 220 species, and the collection of gorillas and orangutans is the largest in the USA. 

In addition, the Atlanta Zoo is one of the country’s four zoos that host giant pandas. Therefore, traveling around Atlanta in a rental car can’t be imagined without visiting its oldest attraction.

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