Storage Tips: 9 Best Ways to Organize Your Storage Units

Storage units are one the most convenient place to store things. For one, it is useful for those who are moving to a new location. This can also be handy for those who have a small space inside their homes but own many things. 

But despite its convenience, it can also be stressful if you don’t organize your things. With the number of stuff inside, your storage unit can be a mess. So much so that you can’t even remember where you placed something.

Storage Tips: 9 Best Ways to Organize Your Storage UnitsTo help you organize your things, here are nine storage tips that can help transform your unit: 

Clean Your Unit

Once you get to your storage unit, the first thing you need to do is clean it.

Remember, this will be a temporary room for your things. If you don’t clean it, all the dirt and dust will go to all your valuables. It will also make you extremely dirty when you’re moving things to another unit or your new home. 

So grab a broom, a rag, and a trash can and start cleaning. Remove all dust, dirt, and debris in your storage unit. You can even bring in a mop and start mopping the floor for that extra polish. The important thing is, always start fresh. 

Prioritize Your Storage Units

Once you’ve cleaned your storage unit, it’s time to move your things in.

We highly recommend arranging your stuff according to priority. What do you need to move out the next day, and do you think you would need the least?

Everything you need to access immediately should be placed in front, while things that you need the least should be placed at the back. 

Knowing this information will make things easier for you by the time you’re getting stuff out of the storage unit.

Stick with One Box Size

We often place our stuff in boxes, right? So, what you should do when you pick out boxes is to choose only one box size. Or, if that’s not possible, the majority of your boxes should have the same size.

This way, stacking these boxes on top of each other is more convenient. 

At the same time, think about arranging these boxes in a way that isn’t hard for you. For example, large boxes are great to be placed at the bottom, but if you need something inside, they may be harder to remove. 

Label Your Boxes

Now that you’ve already picked out your box and placed your things, you should label your boxes.

Unless you have an excellent memory, there is very little chance that you’ll remember what is in every box in a particular location. This is important, especially if these boxes are identical to each other.

So, place a white label in each box, grab a pen, and label these boxes. This way, finding things would only take minutes. 

Store in Plastic

Inside a storage unit, the temperature can be unpredictable.

If you want to protect your stuff from the effects of changes in humidity, it’s highly recommended to wrap your things in plastic.

This is especially true with furniture and other fabric pieces that can be damaged by frequent weather changes.

Create a List of Contents

This is very important. Once you have your stuff stored inside the boxes and you’ve labeled each of them, time to create your master list.

This is a list where you write down the box number and what contents are inside that box. 

The more specific you are, the easier it is for you to know which box you’ll need whenever you need a particular item. Plus, you don’t need to spend that much time in your unit.

Shelve or Stack Boxes

If you’re going to use your storage unit for long-term, shelves will bring great convenience. If you don’t have one, you can easily stack your boxes on top of each other.

This is why it’s essential to have boxes of similar size so you can easily arrange them like a brick wall. 

Arrange your stuff based on priority, placing the least important at the back portion of your unit. Place the large and heavy boxes at the bottom part of your stack, and lighter boxes on top. 

Map Your Belongings

Like creating a master list, it’s crucial to map out where you’ve placed your things. No need to get technical here, just an estimate will do.

Anything in front, you may not include on your map since it’s visible. What’s important is what’s behind them. This way, you wouldn’t need to go through a lot of boxes to find what you’re looking for. 

Pick the Right Storage Unit Size

Storage units may be a temporary home for your things. However, make sure that it’s big enough to hold everything.

According to Auckland storage company, National Mini Storage, it is advisable to estimate the number of things you have. That way, you’ll know how large of a storage space you’ll need.

If you’re not using the storage unit as a temporary holding place, but it’s an extension of your home, we recommend getting a larger one. This will make it easier for you to move around inside and get things quickly. 


When getting a storage unit, it’s not only essential to ensure that your things are safe. You also need to make sure that it stays safe and in the right condition until you take it out.

If you don’t organize things well, you might be surprised how damaged some of your stuff may get. 

With the right organization technique, you don’t only make things easier for you, but you can also maximize your unit’s space.

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