Why Do You Need Filter for Your Shower Head?

Shower water filters are typically intended to prevent chemicals, like chlorine from causing problem to our health. In tap water, there could be more than 2000 different chemicals and they may cause problems to our health. Many houses already have filters for kitchen sink, but only a few use filters for shower heads. In reality, FDA stated that a small level of chloroform is formed when we shower using unfiltered water. A proper shower head filter can trap risky substances, before they can be released in form of vapour. By removing these potential irritants, there will be less health risks, as an example toxic vapour from the shower head could potentially increase the risk of asthma. After installing shower head filter, you may notice reduced instances of sinusitis, allergies and other health conditions. In fact, many people don’t realize that their problems are actually caused by contaminated water.

When you sneeze near a swimming pool, you may think that it’s just a normal sneeze. However, there’s a possibility that an irritating stuff in the water produce a vapour and you are sensitive to it. Chloroform can make fatigue and dizziness. So, if this is the problem, the whole family can feel healthier and more energized when they install shower head filter. You may think that there’s almost no harm of having a bit of vapour inside the bathroom. The amount of chemical in the bathroom air could still be in the allowable level, however, health problems can still happen if you inhale the vapour each day. Eventually some toxic substances will accumulate inside your body, so health issues are inevitable. As an example, chlorine in water is linked to various health problems. Early symptoms could be mild, but it could also increase the risks of rectal, bladder and breast cancer.

Contamination doesn’t only happen due to drinking contaminated water, because dangerous exposure could also happen due to showering with unfiltered tap water each day. Warm water will open your pore, so it will likely for your skin to absorb toxic substances. The steam may also contain some chemicals and you can inhale it easily. While you rinse your head and face, it is likely that you will drink a bit of the water. With high quality filter, you can change how water pours from the head. Some of the filters are adjustable and you can get good water massage using the filter. If your hair appears skanky and dry, then it could be caused by the presence of chlorine in the water. Chlorine is a dying agent and it also bleaches color from many objects. It could break down nylon threads in your bathing suits. After you install the shower filter, you may have healthier looking hair and softer feeling. When your skin is exposed to chlorine each day, it could get flaky, cracked, irritated, itchy and dry. When you are bathing with chlorine water, built-in substances will be washed away from your skin. After all, chlorine is essentially bleach.

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