10 Innovative Ways To Revamp Your Spare Room

Do you have a spare room in your home, and you have no idea what to do with it? You don’t need to keep it as a guest room, especially if your friends and family live close by. There are many ways in which you can revamp your spare room to create a space that you will love. Here are 10 innovative ways to renovate your spare room. 

Have Your Own Indoor Bar

Putting a bar in your back garden has been one of the largest home trends in the past couple of years, however, these are only really useful in the summer months. Why not turn your spare room into an awesome indoor home bar? You can really transform the space by looking for vintage 60s-style home bars, and investing in some seating and cool lighting. Put a spare TV in there as well as some drinks and glasses, and you’ve got an amazing home bar that you can relax in! 

Create A Library or Study

Are you a fan of books, or do you work from home a lot? Transforming your space into a dedicated work/study area can be one of the best things you can do in your home. There are many benefits to creating a specific work/study space – working in the same place every day can make you more motivated and allow you to stay concentrated while you’re working. Having a divide between work and home space can allow you to be more relaxed, as you won’t associate your whole home with work or study. If you’re at a loss for what to do with your spare room, creating a library or work-study could really benefit you. 

Create An Imaginarium 

If you have young children who have their own bedrooms, there could be many benefits to turning a spare room into a designated ‘Imaginarium’ or playroom for them. Giving your kids a space for their toys and to play in could keep the rest of your home tidier, as they’ll be less likely to leave their toys everywhere. You can turn your spare room into a kids’ playroom on a budget very easily – all you really need to do is paint the walls and make sure the room is safe for them. 

Get Your Sweat On 

Tired of going to the gym every single day? If you’re a fitness fanatic with an unused spare room, why not consider turning your room into a home gym? You don’t need to invest in a lot of high-end, expensive equipment in order to create a gym at home. Investing in a few free weights, exercise mats and a treadmill can create a great workout space without spending thousands. If you want to motivate yourself to work out more, why not put a spare TV in your home gym, so you can stay entertained while you exercise? 

Grow Plants

If your room has a big window and gets plenty of natural light, why not consider growing plants, herbs and flowers in the room? Many people put greenhouses outside, however, if you’re particularly green fingered why not give growing plants inside a try? You can refit the room with tile or wooden flooring, so the soil won’t damage the carpets or soft furnishings. You could try growing herbs and plants to use in the kitchen, so you can cook with the plants you grow. Indoor flower rooms are also very popular in parts of the world, so if you love growing and gardening, why not change it into an indoor plant room? 

Walk-In Wardrobe 

If you’re a bit of a clothes horse and can’t figure out how to make all of your clothes fit into your wardrobe, it might be a great idea to create a walk-in wardrobe out of your spare room. You can create a walk-in wardrobe very cheaply, and it is easily taken down if you want to change the room again. By investing in a few clothes rails, shoe racks, storage boxes and organisers, you can create an amazing walk-in wardrobe. To add something extra, why not add a couple of full-length mirrors and a dressing table, so you can have a fantastic dressing room!

Spoil Your Pet

Do you have a pet that you love more than anything? Why not give them a private pet sanctuary so they can relax and have fun! Indoor pets often can be bored and understimulated, particularly indoor cats. If you create a specific pet room for your well-loved pets with plenty of space, a bed and toys, they will be able to have fun and exercise in the room. This doesn’t have to be just for cats or dogs – if you have amphibian pets, why not make them a huge tank? Or make an aquarium for your fish? 

Use It For Jam Sessions

Do your musical instruments lie around your home, and you can’t keep track of all of them? If so, you can turn your spare room into a jam room and use it to play music in. There are many ways in which you can decorate your spare room as a music room – you can invest in mounted stands for all of your musical instruments, which will keep your instruments safe. You can also decorate the walls with your favourite bands music posters and records, to make the room interesting. 

Create A Home Cinema 

Creating a home cinema can be really simple to set up, as long as the spare room has a large, plain wall that can be projected onto. There are many affordable and great projectors available on the market right now, so you can find one that will fit perfectly into your home. All you need to invest in is comfortable seating, and maybe a popcorn machine. Another great thing to get if you want to create a home cinema is blackout curtains, so you can get the authentic cinema experience right from home. 

Use It For Storage 

Although this isn’t the most exciting idea on this list, it may be very useful if you need to repurpose a spare room. One of the main things that people complain about when it comes to their homes is the lack of storage, so optimising a spare room for storage could be really helpful. You could keep items such as towels and spare duvet cover sets in the room, organised in boxes. This way, you can use your bedroom space for other items. If the spare room is downstairs, you could always make it into an extra pantry or garage storage space. There are many ways to affordably create a storage room, by getting cheap storage boxes, racks and shelves. 

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to repurpose your spare room – start changing around your home today, and put your extra space to good use!

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