5 Dream Bathroom Renovation Must-Haves

If the bathrooms in your home are looking horrible, then it is time for a renovation to make the spaces beautiful again. You can have the bathrooms of your dreams with these five must-have items that a technician can install.

New Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures

Experts recommend replacing a bathroom’s plumbing fixtures every 10 years because the items degrade, causing the items to leak moisture or look terrible. Many homeowners wait until the sinks, bathtubs or toilets stop working completely before replacing the items, leading to water damage on the floors, walls or ceilings. You can select basic plumbing fixtures in plain white, but you may prefer the installation of deluxe toilets, bathtubs and sinks that are available in beautiful colors that include blue, tan or yellow.

Installation of Attractive Cabinets

When your home’s bathroom is a cluttered mess, you can have additional cabinets or shelves installed during the renovation process. High-quality wood bathroom cabinets are protected by sealants that will prevent mold and water damage for many years. With the proper plan, you can have roomier cabinets installed to have more storage, including customized systems so that you can have a bathroom that looks attractive.

Replacing the Floor, Countertop and Wall Tiles

The tiles in a bathroom can develop discolorations, cracks and other problems, but these are some of the easiest materials to replace in your home’s bathrooms. Today, you can choose from an assortment of wall, countertop and floor tiles that are made in a variety of solid colors or patterns. Modern bathroom tiles from a bathroom tile supplier in NJ are often made with water-repellent and mold-resistant properties to remain in perfect condition for many years.

Add Lighting Fixtures to the Bathrooms

If you are having problems styling your hair or applying makeup in a dark bathroom that has no windows, then you should add more lighting fixtures to the space. Modern lighting fixtures are available for various area of the bathroom, including around a medicine cabinet or a mirror. You can add lighting fixtures to the ceiling or other areas of the walls. New lighting fixtures can save money on your monthly bills because you can use energy-efficient bulbs.

Safety Devices to Prevent an Injury

Studies reveal that many individuals incur serious injuries in a home’s bathroom because the spaces lack certain safety devices. You can choose faucets that have childproof handles, or you can install a toilet with a lid that only an adult can open. Additional safety devices include special handrails around the bathtub or the toilet to prevent falls on the slippery floors.

How Can You Choose Bathroom Products?

When you are ready to renovate a home’s bathroom, you can find knowledgeable designers or contractors who will help you to find the products that are suitable for the space. You can find bathroom fixtures at local or online home improvement stores.

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