8 New Kitchen Counter Top Ideas Kitchen

A Countertop of any kitchen is a perfect place where you can add some ultimate design touch to your kitchen. We have many choices in materials: hundreds of patterns, colors, and textures, in materials extending from natural stone and acrylic sheets to quartz composite and exotics like record and recovered wood. In any case, the essential kinds are generally not many, and it’s anything but difficult to sift through which ones are likely candidates for your kitchen or shower remodel. Here you can find any kind, its upsides and downsides, the freshest patterns, and how to pick the best countertop for you. 

For an intense impact, select a countertop in an energetic shading. While a portion of the top decisions incorporates yellows, oranges, and lime green, the decision of white or dark countertops can be as strong a shading decision as yellow, contingent upon the kitchen.

8 New Kitchen Counter Top Ideas KitchenLaminate Countertops

Laminate counters are consistently the least expensive choice on the square. Those hoping to spare a penny will be keen on laminate, yet property holders who can bear the cost of increasingly costly alternatives ought to think about laminate also. Laminate counters can coordinate numerous kitchen plans and are exceptionally simple to introduce. The downsides will come in the timeframe of realistic usability. It’s unquestionably not as solid as different choices examined and can chip without any problem.


It is a uniquely costly material for home, granite is increasingly basic today and is one of the most famous materials. They’re sold through neighborhood countertop authorities, yet additionally in many home communities and kitchen showrooms. This basic material of countertop arrives in a wide range of exhibits: energetic blues and variegated earthy colors, dark red, and mottled white. You can use this type of countertop anywhere like in your outdoor living room, outdoor buildings like metal buildings or guest houses if you have. 

Truly, granite has been a costly material, however, its expense has descended fairly as provisions have expanded and built stone has gotten increasingly normal.


Marble countertops are exceptionally valued and amazingly lavish. With its one of a kind veining design, this characteristic stone material has a conspicuous look that numerous mortgage holders need. 

Truth be told, the marble configuration when all is said in done has gotten very famous. You can locate this remarkable example on telephone and PC cases, shades, scratch pad, backdrop, hoops, and the sky’s the limit from there! 

While marble has gotten one of the most popular kitchen countertop thoughts, it’s absolutely not for everybody. Those with youngsters, for example, might not have any desire to introduce marble countertops since they stain and scratch without any problem.


The excellent concrete structures, in a quartz world, are entering another domain yet satisfying the progressing need for a refined Urban tasteful that fits the mechanical plan. In a split second unmistakable despite the fact that surface, hues, and examples can change particularly from a cloud-like patina to multi-layer monochromatic tonal varieties, or specks of differentiating hues giving you the inclination that you are taking a gander at a piece of craftsmanship. The concrete hues in the kitchen and restrooms make a dazzling setting to a staggering plan. Also, who might need the additional advantages of quartz, to genuine concrete? No compelling reason to reseal to dodge stains, splitting or crevices after some time. Making it simpler to keep spotless and a merger of the best of the two universes for your home.

Soapstone Countertops

Soapstone has found its sweet spot in the countertops market and given its excellence and shading change, I can’t reprimand mortgage holders for going with one of the more costly alternatives. In all honesty, its shading extends after some time, guaranteeing that you will never get exhausted with your countertop shading. 

Soapstone isn’t as normal as granite, and it’s brilliant at opposing warmth harm. Little scratches can be fixed by sanding finely and applying mineral oil. Limestone (imagined) and marble are exemplary materials. Limestone likewise has a characteristic stone look without overwhelming veining or graining, and it opposes heat.


The countertop material is known as “quartz” is really a built stone item that contains as much as 93 percent quartz particles and different minerals, molded into chunks, and bound with tars. These are not strong quartz chunks created by quarrying. 

quartz countertops are not produced using strong quartz. About 10% of a quartz countertop is a polymeric or concrete based fastener. These countertops likewise incorporate squashed up granite, marble, and characteristic stone or reused mechanical things like earthenware, glass, etc. It is accessible in a bigger scope of hues than granite and has a nonporous surface that opposes both scratching and recoloring. A few sorts are persuading duplicates regarding characteristic marble, with comparative veining. In contrast to regular stone, built quartz requires no yearly fixing.

Butcher Block Countertops

Rustic darlings will surely need to investigate butcher square counters. The butcher square structure is very rich and it permits genuine gourmet experts to utilize the surface as a cutting board whenever wanted. In any case, should you decide to cut vegetables or crude meat on your butcher square counters, we strongly suggest consistent cleaning. Butcher square is truly defenseless to microscopic organisms tainting given wood’s permeable nature.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is tough and simple to clean, and it is significantly more affordable than common stone, quartz, or strong surface countertops, particularly for DIYers ready to accomplish their own work. 

Ongoing developments in porcelain tiles offer a lot more plan alternatives than any time in recent memory, including tiles that seem as though wood, marble, or even cowhide or plug. Ceramic and porcelain tiles offer more structure choices than about some other countertop material.

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