How to Convert Your Loft into a Useful Room

Living in a house is so much better than living in an apartment, no matter how big it is! One of the benefits is having a loft, and if you put your mind to it and invest some money in this space, you can turn it into an amazing extra room and use it for lots of different things.

From a guest bedroom or a personal space for your children to a library or a storage area, your loft can really go a long way. So, if you too are thinking about giving your loft a new purpose, here’s what you need to know.

Assess the Space First

Before you can turn your loft into a useful space and make the most of it, you need to make sure it’s actually safe to do that. Depending on how old your house is, your loft could be in a rather poor condition, and introducing any sort of changes to it could not be the best idea in the world. So, talk to a few people who have more experience in these things than you do – an architect, a contractor, and a safety inspector, for instance – and listen to what they have to tell you.

Once you determine your loft is safe and you won’t put yourself or your family in danger if you start spending time there in the future, you can move on with your assessment and focus on the height. Make sure you’ll have enough space there and actually be able to stand up without hitting your head against your beams. Take this step very seriously because it can ultimately make or break your loft conversion and you may not be able to pass the inspection if your loft isn’t high enough.

Define the Purpose

Not all lofts are the same, and not all homeowners are going to want to give their lofts the same purpose. Some of them are perhaps looking for a new game room, the others are in need of a second bedroom, and the third are thinking about converting their loft into an office, so thinking your ideas through and making a proper plan is vital. Talk to your family and hear them out, and make sure your new space, whatever you opt for, is something everyone can enjoy.

The reason why defining the purpose of your new loft space is so important because this is what the actual conversion project depends on. Turning a loft into a bedroom isn’t the same as turning it into an office, and a number of things depend on what kind of decision you end up making. Once you’ve determined what you really want, you can start purchasing the things you’ll need, opting for the best flooring materials, insulation, wall paint, and furniture you can find.

Equip the Space Adequately

Again, depending on what you choose to do with your loft space, you need to start purchasing all the necessary appliances you’ll be using there. If you go with a game room, a media room, or some sort of a man cave, you definitely need to get yourself a new TV, a new audio system with some powerful speakers, as well as some comfortable seating options. You don’t have to go all in, though, as just a couple of cozy chairs will do the trick.

Some people prefer cooking over everything else, which is why they convert their loft into a new kitchen. This is most frequently the case with people who have a small kitchen with very limited maneuvering space, and the amount of space their loft offers is extraordinary. So, if you choose to do that as well, you need to get some of your most important kitchen appliances – your fridge and freezer, your stove and oven, as well as one of those useful fire ducts from ThorDuct that will keep your new loft kitchen smoke-free – and find a way to incorporate them all in this new space.

Decorate the Space

Depending on what you’ve decided to do with your loft, the decorating process could take anything from weeks to literally a few minutes. Loft bedrooms, for instance, don’t need that much attention, while loft kitchens will require you to invest some time in them, so be prepared for that.

Luckily, decorating a loft is actually easier than most of us think – you just need to keep things simple and elegant, without cluttering the space. Limit your furniture and stick to just a handful of effective decorations, and you’ll be ready to enjoy your new loft space sooner than you could’ve ever imagined!


Converting your loft into a room you can use every single day is a complex and challenging project, but it’s definitely worth your time, money and energy, so get right on it, and make the most of this unused space.

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