How to Change the Look of Your Bathroom with Curtain?

Bath curtains are cheap and with proper design, you can make changes to the visual appeal of your bathroom. Just by spending a little time online, you can see examples of how bathroom curtains can make huge changes to the visual appeals of your rooms. Curtain is just an element in your bathroom, but it’s readily visible. One good improvement is to use multiple curtains for decoration purposes. The first curtain has a functional purpose of preventing water from making the floor wet. The second curtain is used for decorative purposes to make your bathroom looks better. Fabric should bring specific style to your bathroom, so it will look gorgeous.

It’s a good idea to use fabric curtains, if you have time to clean and wash them regularly in the machine. If you want the bathroom to have more modern appearance, it is a good idea to choose curtains with simple stripe patterns, instead of floral designs. To make your room to look better, it is a good idea to choose curtains with bright colors. As an example, you can choose a light blue curtain made from fabric that has dark blue stripes. This curtain should work well for any cream-colored bathroom. Curtains will be among the first things that people see in your bathroom. You can also add blue towels and soap bars to make everything look better. Of course, you can choose different color sets for this, such as red and yellow.

For the finishing touch, you can hang a simple painting on the wall. Make sure that the painting isn’t too colourful or complex. In fact, elegant sketches are enough to add some elements of arts to your bathroom. Another idea with the curtains is that to purchase two nearly identical curtains. They may have the same designs, but one has lighter color. The one with the darker or brighter color should be used as the outer curtain, while the lighter one is for the inner curtain. It is also a good idea to use different materials for your curtains. The inner curtain should be waterproof and can’t absorb water, while the outer curtain could be made from regular fabric.

In the end, choosing the right curtains for your bathroom could be quite tricky, because you need to match them with the color and design of your bathroom. As an example, if the color of your bathroom is a hue of yellow or brown, like tan or cream, then curtain with hues of blue could be appropriate. Also, hanging curtains should be an easy DIY project for any family. You may need a drill and screwdriver to do this. However, be careful when doing this, because you may end up damaging the bathroom wall with a few extra mistakenly positioned holes. With proper calculations, you should be able to install new curtains in just 30 minutes, as long as you use common sense. With a bit of creativity, you should be able to express yourself more with great bathroom designs.

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