Life Of An Architect

When it comes to designing new buildings or even making the best effort to remodel old buildings, you need to find a good architect. Architects make the best use of their skills along with their drawing tools in order to come up with attractive as well as secure buildings. They need to work with electrical engineers, civil engineers including interior designers. Therefore, all phases of a construction project are handled by the architecture. Once you get in touch with a good and reputed architect, they would discuss all your requirements as well as the budget and thereby provide you with their best work. So, you can expect to get the perfect work done by them that would surely make it possible to complete it within a stipulated period of time. By preparing the best land-use studies along with preparing the cost analysis, it makes it possible to provide with the most helpful services that meet your ultimate requirement out of it.


  • Qualities needed for an architect: There are some important qualities that are needed for an architect that would help in advancing towards their gallery. Some of them are:


  • Analytical skills: Understanding the design contents as well as the context is both important. The location of the mechanical systems should be understood by them in the best manner. This would definitely prove to be of much use to you.


  • Organizational skills: Keeping records of the different projects like the cost of materials and the progress is quite important. So, it is important to be quite organized so that it does not lead to any sort of problem at all in managing it.


  • Communication skills: Ideas related to architectural works require both written and oral presentation. So, for this, the architect needs to have a good communication skill. They should be able to present their ideas in a clear manner.


  • Visualization skills: Relations of the different parts of structures should be known by the architects. They should be able to visualize the project in the best way as well.


  • Creativity: Architects need to be quite creative as they need to design the blueprint of the different buildings, houses, etc. Without this skill, it would not be possible to advance in their career.


  • Career options available: If you wish to shape up your career as an architect, then an academic study of 5 to 7 years is required. The course contains different subjects like the history of architecture, graphics, design, landscape, environmental studies, etc. Registration with the concerned department for a license is required after graduation. But it is to be noted that there are different laws according to the country. You can also opt for a Masters Degree for further studies that would prove to be of much help to you in enjoying a rewarding career in life. For fastest entrance into employment, it can be the best thing for you to pursue the 5-year professional degree. All state registration boards require graduates or minimum three years experience in this field. Initially, you can work under a licensed If you wish to get the license for yourself, then you need to clear all the divisions of Architect Registration Examination.


  • Jobs or employment: It has been projected that in the next decade, the employment would increase by 16 percent. Making layouts and designs and using the best use of software like SketchUp and Auto Cad helps a lot to complete the project. If a blueprint is approved by the client, then the building process would get started without any delay at all. So, the best effort is made by the architects to provide with the seamless services that would never lead to any sort of a long time as well. With the best use of good creative skills, it becomes possible to avail the best services where it would prove to be quite helpful for your clients. There are some who start their own firm to provide with the perfect services to meet the needs of their clients.


  • Working hours: Usually an architect works 40 hours a week but there are situations where they need to overwork in order to complete a particular project in the perfect manner. So, it depends on deadlines, where the architects need to work long hours. For those who work in offices, they need to work on fixed time except on strict deadlines. So, depending on the work, the working hours vary. But it is to be noted that working hard can make you enjoy a good career growth. You would find yourself glad for being able to complete the project on time that would add to your fulfillment.


  • Salary: When it comes to the salary of the architects, $76.930 is the median annual wage. For top industries like government, construction and engineering services it ranges from $88, 190, $78,230 and $75,910 respectively. There are some architects that take up bulk work and get it completed in the best way. So, the rates vary when it comes to their fees. But it is for sure, that one can earn good money provided he or she is an experienced architect with creative minds. With proper and high-quality work provided by architects, the sky is the limit where they can truly earn good income out of it. This would really help in the best career growth by getting all the architectural projects done in the perfect manner.

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