Remodeling Your Home? Materials You Should Focus On

Once you have decided to remodel, you will find yourself having to make many decisions regarding the extent of your project, the timing of the work and the expenses involved. The materials you choose for your project can have a significant effect on all of these points and will also affect your satisfaction with the result when it’s completed. Here are four areas in your home where you should consider your materials carefully.


With so many choices available, the choice of flooring can be a confusing matter. Always consider your own household’s needs, rather than blindly following the latest trend. Your flooring may see hard use from children or pets. Ceramics, wood laminates and high-quality vinyl can often be the best choice. If doing an eco-friendly remodel is a concern, you might consider bamboo flooring, which offers both durability and sustainability.

Wood Framing

Wood composes the “bones” of your remodeling project and is often an area where some contractors will cut costs in order to make a good profit. Ensure that your contractor uses high-quality structural timber to provide durability and stability that will last for many years.

Kitchen Cabinets

Homeowners do not always have to completely remove and replace kitchen cabinets in order to provide an attractive remodel. The trend toward sustainability has inspired many remodelers to re-stain, paint or re-face cabinets, which can produce an entirely new look without having to use new wood products. This option can also save you money, as well as cutting down on wood use.

Paints and Textiles

Choosing non-toxic materials can be particularly important if you have someone in your household who is particularly sensitive to the emissions some materials can produce. Children with asthma and older people with chronic respiratory conditions can be particularly susceptible to the ill effects these cause. A number of VOC-free products are on the market to help you avoid problems.

Similar problems can occur with the draperies, upholstery, and carpeting used for your remodel. Pay attention to labeling when you are making your selections. Natural plant fibers such as cotton, linen, and wool blends are the best choice if you are concerned about air quality in your home.

A successful remodeling project takes a considerable amount of thought and planning. You can achieve the result you desire if you pay careful attention to the materials used in every step of the process. This attention to detail can provide a beautiful outcome for your project that is both practical and in keeping with the latest trends.

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