Set the Mood: 4 Design Choices That Can Change the Mood of a Room

Whether you’re designing your new home or are looking to spice up your existing place, there are some necessary design tips that you can learn. Understanding how to change the mood of a room can be a great skill to have by your side. Here are four ways to alter your design so that your room boasts the design that you want.

Light and Air Make All the Difference

There are just some people’s houses that you walk into that you instantly get a feeling of happiness and uplifting. It may be hard to put your finger on the reason, but we’re sure that light and air have something to do with it. Rooms that have lots of natural lighting and ambient lighting for those darker hours tend to be more inviting. You can maximize your natural lighting by using custom blinds. Many new blinds will let in a lot of light while still protecting your privacy from those outside. Having an airy feel to the room can be accomplished by leaving open space and not cluttered by furniture.

Warm Textures

Promoting a relaxing vibe in your home can be easily obtained by utilizing warm textures. Think about textures in the sense of fabrics, and other furniture items. Opt for those that have a warm feel to them, which are going to be your light woods, tans, creams, oranges, and yellows. These warm colors provide a sense of comfort and relaxation. They’re best used in rooms where you’ll be spending time relaxing, such as your master bedroom or your family room.


The color of the room can make all the difference in the mood it sets. Your lighter colors will promote a feeling of expansive openness that will brighten the room. Darker colors can provide warmth and intimacy. Blue promotes a productive feel. Green provides a sense of health and tranquility. Yellows and reds provide an energetic feel. Purples and pinks are calming. For each room, decide what quality you want to encourage. Remember that to keep your home from feeling disjointed, the colors from room to room should flow and complement each other.

Romance with Soft Textures

When you’re aiming for a romantic feel for your room, there are a few design choices you can make. Opt for soft textured materials that give you the perception of being touchable. You want to opt for fabrics that have some sort of a drape or flow to them as if they’re floating. This can be achieved with window curtains or shower curtains. Also, consider low, ambient lighting that promotes relaxation.

As you can see, changing the mood of a room can be done in many different ways. It’s a good idea to start with picking a single room and deciding what feelings you want to evoke from those in it. Then, utilize the design choices above to make it happen.

Addy Reeds is a freelance writer from Eugene, Oregon. She discovered her passion for journalism while attending the University of Oregon. Follow her on Twitter and Facebook: @addyreeds1;

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