Top 4 Choices for Roofing Materials in an Arid Climate

Living the western part of the country is unique in many different ways. One of the most unique features is the arid climate where there’s not a lot of available water. This can require specific consideration when putting new roofs on homes to ensure that they last. Here are four different choices you can opt for when having your roof put on in an arid climate to ensure your investment is worth it for the long-term.

Metal Roofing

Any residential roofing company will recommend metal roofing for an arid climate for many different reasons. While it’s more expensive to install than other types of roofing materials, it lasts much longer. Metal is impervious to dry heat from the sun. Unlike other roofing materials, it won’t curl or crack. One major benefit of metal roofing is that it reflects the sun’s rays. Therefore, keeping your home cooler than other roofing materials. When your roof is cooler, your home cooling costs go down in the summertime.

Clay Shingles

Clay is a material that thrives in a hot, dry climate. While the weight of the shingles is more than your traditional roofing shingles, they do come with a lot of benefits. Other than withstanding dry heat, these shingles are very resistant to wind damage and can provide a hint of style to your home that’s simply not possible with traditional roofing shingles. They pair well with the stucco siding you typically find across the desert climate in the west.

Composite Roofing

This type of shingle is available in a variety of colors and is coated with a protective outside layer of asphalt. This composite material is less susceptible to curling and cracking than traditional home shingles. This makes it the perfect solution to roof a home that is in a dry environment. Choosing a lighter color is a good idea if you get hot summers and mild winters.

Ceramic Tile

Popular in the New Mexico region, ceramic tiles are making their way across the Midwest as a viable alternative to traditional shingles for residential roofing. These ceramic tiles provide an aesthetically pleasing look while resisting the heat from the sun. This material is the best when it comes to withstanding the direct rays of the sun. However, for this reason, ceramic is a more expensive type of shingle to put on your home, so be sure to shop around if this is the look you want.

Choosing the right roofing materials for your home starts with identifying the environment that they’ll be expected to withstand. When it comes to an arid environment, you need shingles that won’t curl, crack, or fade. Metal, clay, composite, and ceramic are all effective options. Your ultimate choice between the four will come down to your budget and your desired finished look.


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