What Are High Altitude Windows?


Where your windows were built makes a huge difference.

High-altitude windows are manufactured in places like Colorado, specifically for use in homes and businesses located at higher elevations.  Windows produced at sea level are often sold to homeowners and businesses in places like Denver; but in many cases, unsuspecting customers are surprised to find their windows are warped or even broken before they arrive onsite.  That’s because most replacement windows are comprised of two or three panes of glass, with separators and filler gases between the panes to enhance the window’s insulating capacity.  When these products are shipped from sea level to higher elevations, those gases expand and contract (not unlike a water bottle on an airplane), frequently causing damage to the window frame or glass panes.  High-altitude windows are also manufactured to handle the specific climate and weather challenges common in places like Colorado, as well as the intense bombardment of UV rays typical in locations which could be a mile or more closer to the sun.

If You Want Beautiful, Durable New Windows…

  • … To enhance your property’s value, whether or not you’re planning to sell…
  • … To add attractive new “curb appeal” to your home or business…
  • … To keep up with improvements to other properties in the neighborhood…
  • … To save money on your utility bills by replacing those worn-out, leaky older windows…
  • … Or simply to keep your home or business more comfortable for everyone who steps inside…

… You’re not alone.

Denver and Colorado homeowners and entrepreneurs are increasingly realizing the benefits of replacing old windows with new, sharp-looking, effective high-altitude windows.

Look around your neighborhood or business district.  You’ll see many of your neighbors have wisely invested in new high-altitude replacement windows, for these and other sound reasons.

And since Amerimax windows are made right here in Colorado – and specifically designed and built with Colorado’s elevation, climate, and sun exposure in mind – customers have a great option when it’s time to replace their old, tired windows.

… You Can’t Beat High-Altitude Replacement Windows.

It’s true.  No matter what “deal” a window salesperson will offer you for windows manufactured at sea level and shipped to Colorado, there’s a high likelihood you won’t end up thinking you got much of a bargain.

Even if you pay a little more up-front for replacement windows specifically designed and built for Colorado’s climate, sunshine, and elevation… you’ll save money in the long run.

And if those “bargain” windows arrive cracked or warped after changing elevations, the savings you’d have realized by buying Colorado-built high-altitude windows would be instantly apparent.

A few questions directed at your window salesperson will go a long way toward giving you great comfort with your decision to “ABC” – Always Buy Colorado.

Ask if the windows they’ve offered will be shipped from sea level.  Ask if the vendor has experienced problems with replacement windows from these manufacturers arriving in poor shape.  And, of course, as always – ask to be directed to customer reviews from local Colorado purchasers of these products.

The best replacement windows for Colorado homes and businesses are made in Colorado.  Make sure you get the right products the first time!  And while you’re at it, ask for a referral to replacement window installers who have local Denver and Colorado experience – who are experts at working with high-altitude windows.  Get the right products and the best installation, and you’re sure to be happy with your replacement-window investment.

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