6 Home Renovation Ideas That Are Worth Following

Home Renovation Ideas For 2020

It’s a common dilemma every homeowner has to face in their life is that, you need to renovate your home according to new trends. But sometimes your pocket doesn’t allow you to pour your money into costly renovations. On the other hand, if you spend some money on the home renovation ideas for the improvement of your home, it pays off when you are going to resale your home.

Every home has different layouts and requires special renovation ideas. However, there are some of the home renovation ideas which are affordable and they will also contribute in improvement of the space of your home as well as it will boost the value of your home as well. While these ideas will not only improve the resale value of your home, but you will also feel better about your home where you spend most of your time to get some peace.

Here are some exciting home renovation ideas that are suggested by professional home renovation company that can increase the value of your home.

  1. Kitchen and bathroom face-lifts

It is said that when you are renovating your home, the bathroom and kitchen remodeling takes most of the cost. This is probably true because most of the times, you do not have that much funds to spend on the kitchen remodeling and bathroom face-lifts. According to the reports of previous years, you spend around 67 percent cost of the home on the kitchen remodeling when you are going to resale your home. Well, if you are not willing to spend around $20,000 on the kitchen face-lift, you can still take some small changes that can go long way in making your kitchen better and they will not cost more than $10,000.

bathroom remodeling

You can start from changing the paint colors of the walls and cabinets of the kitchen. Replacing your outdated lighting with the new fixtures can also give your kitchen an exciting look. You can also go for buying a new vanity for your bathroom from a sale where the prices are quite low and install it by yourself. Change the hardware of your cabinets and replace them with quartz counter-tops to make your kitchen and bathroom look new and elegant.

  1. Add new roof to your home

When it comes to home renovation ideas, the replacement or repairing of the roof might not be in list where you would want to spend your money. But this is the most important aspect for renovation project and you should keep it on the top of the list especially if you have a leaking roof or it has started falling apart. So you can go for adding a new roof in your house to increase the value of your home.

  1. Change your front door

If you install a new door at the front of your home, specially a steel door with elegant design, it can surely be reason to bring back your money when you are reselling your home. A nice front door can get you back around 75% of the cost that you have spent on the installation. Oftentimes, you can also get back 100% money if you do not spend money on hiring the contractors to install the door and install the door with your own hands.

  1. Install a barn door

You can install a barn door in your home to give it a rustic and contemporary look. In fact it was found in a study that if you refer your home mentioning a keyword of barn door in the listing descriptions of the home, it can be sold for 13.4 percent more price than the expected ones.

  1. Change old kitchen sink

If you change your old sink with installation of new over-sized sink that come in amazing varieties of colors and finishes, it can give your kitchen an exciting look. By doing this you can increase the value of your home when you are going to sale it.

  1. Add subway tile

Adding subway tiles to your kitchen or bathroom can also be the number one improvement for renovation of your home. Because they look elegant in the kitchen and also they are really easy to maintain and clean. Buyers will love this idea and will be ready to pay you more.

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