Handling The Delicate Parts Of A Piano While Moving

Pianos are a very likable music instrument. The piano lovers are of the view that piano is the most amazing instrument when it comes to expressing the delicacy of the thoughts. It can touch the soul like none another instrument.

Its fragility matches with the weakest hymns of our soul and the player are able to express it through its various ranges. It is impossible to separate a piano from its player.

So, when a piano player has to move somewhere, the biggest issue which arises is the issue of moving the piano along with him/her.

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A piano is an expensive instrument so its damage is often hard to bear. Moreover, when the musician develops his/her emotional connection with an instrument, it becomes hard for him/her to lose it.

However, moving a piano is not an easy job because it is a very fragile instrument whose quality can be affected in the moving process. All of its parts are delicate and require great care in their handling.

Major Parts Of A Piano.

The total independent parts of a piano can reach to the amount of more than 12,000. However, the major parts of the piano are:

1- Keyboard Of The Piano

There are 88 black and white keys on the keyboard of an acoustic piano. The keyboard is the essence of the piano.

A musician has to strike those keys in order to produce the prototypical sound of a piano.

2- Pedals Of The Piano

This part of the piano is often three in numbers. This is used to elongate or soften the notes of the piano. This is an essential and delicate part of the piano.

4- Housing And Lid Of The Piano

The piano definitely has a lid regardless of its type, style or size. The lid of a piano plays a great role in managing the sound of the piano. Opening up the lid increases the volume of the piano while when the lid is down, the piano makes a softer and lower sound.

However, the variance is present in the working of different types of pianos. For example, the lid does not affect the sound much in the case of an upright piano.

5- Keys, Strings And Hammers Of The Piano

These are the parts which are the real responsible for originating the sound out of a piano. In making the sound out of a piano, a key is pressed which beats the hammer connected to it. The hammer then touches the string attached to it which is tuned to the related note of the music. The strings then vibrate at the tuned note. The vibrations which create notes cause the amazing piano music which we then hear.

All these parts are very delicate to handle and are very intense in their functionality that any smallest dysfunctional in any of them can cause big damage to the expensive piano. So, moving a piano becomes a really sensitive task.

There are many piano movers in Los Angeles who are giving their expert moving services. We recommend to everyone that moving a piano is not a DIY project and it should be done professionally.

The reasons why you should hire a professional piano moving service are:

  1. They deeply understand the parts and functions of different types of the piano so they handle it with full knowledge.
  2. Their experience gives them an upper hand in handling the instrument.
  3. They have the equipment and suitable vehicles to do the flawless moving of your instrument.
  4. The money spent on hiring professional piano movers is not wasted because they save you from the issues like more expensive repair or even purchasing a new piano in case of mishandling.

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