7 Best Commercial Roofing Materials For Cool Roofing

The roof is the main area of a building that will get exposed to maximum sunlight, heat, rain, snowfall or any other weather conditions. In the states where we face extreme heat in summers, a good quality roofing can save our energy, power consumption, hassle and can make life a lot easier. First of all, you must have a game plan regarding what type of roof will be the best for your house and the following factors may contribute to your decision such as:

  • You need to understand the size, design, and the time period that structure has endured before deciding the material suitable
  • Consider the weather conditions, atmosphere quality and the direction of your house before selecting a roof system.
  • Learn completely about the building materials used in your house.
  • Designs of the roof matters because not every material can fit every style of roofs such as a flat roof and multi-deck roof both have different needs.
  • The choice of best commercial roofing contractors in town
  • The eco-friendly roof is not a consideration it is a requirement
  • Cost effective material and installation
  • Easy to repair roofing is preferred


There is not a single aspect that you have to assess before going to buy the commercial roofing materials available, but let us introduce the few popular ones so that making a choice becomes easier:


1.   Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) roofing

This type of roofing named as polyvinyl chloride consists of two levels or layers which sandwich a sheet of polyester. These three layers are extremely useful in case of any heat and temperature issues. To enhance the protective effect from sunlight, some more material is incorporated so that it becomes reliable and long lasting as well. There are some important features of PVC roofs that you should know in detail:

  • It is very light in weight and easy to transport
  • Durable and moisture resistant
  • Endures fire and extreme conditions
  • The cost is somewhat more as compared to other roofing systems
  • The material may shrink size after a long time which can be a reason for detachment from seams and leakage

The PVC roofing is also reported to get damaged due to hails storms, however, the advantages and negative factors are the part of this process. We need to have a clear idea about our needs and this option of roofing material.

PVC Roof2.  Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) roofing

EPDM roofs are generally a rubber based system that ensures insulation and decrease in chances of leakage. There are some good and bad aspects of this roof which are essential to an understanding before taking any decision:

  • It is quite affordable as compared to PVC
  • The weight is minimal that does not burden the roof
  • It can remain unharmed approximately till two decades and allows the residents to be safe with the least expenses possible
  • The black colored roof is able to absorb heat and sustains any damages by the sunlight
  • The same absorbing nature is not good for the inner structure because it keeps the place scorching and consumes more power through air conditioners.
  • The other colors rather than black are quite expensive and you may have to increase the expense limit to afford the EPDM roofs in light colors.

3.  Thermoplastic polyolefin roof(TPO)


The polyolefin roof is quite useful in the case of heat resistance, waterproofing, and UV protection. You can get it installed in no time and the results can be enjoyed for a lifetime. The material bonds well with any type of roods such as flat roof or the patio style roofing.

4.  Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) roof

Highly durable material and as the name suggests UV safe roof can be a great investment for your house. In extreme weather conditions, you can enjoy a calm and cold environment at home. The installation is convenient and charges reasonable; that has to be the best solution for roofing problems. This type of roof may get damaged or punctured by the hailstorms and other weather conditions.

Spray polyurethane foam Roofs

5.     Tri-Thermal Roofing

This dimension of cool roofing our houses consists of extra layers to keep the house cold from the inside. TTR is water resistant and there is a very less chance of leaks. You can enjoy peaceful sleep after spending the well-deserved charges.

Tri-Thermal Roofing

6.    Asphalt Roofing

When you reach out to the affordable commercial Roofing companies, they will suggest this category of the roof without any hesitation. The reason behind this Asphalt being the most favorite is that it is consistent with commonly used roof shingles and can bond with any sloped roof in a durable manner. The professionals also prefer it because they can install this roof easily. You may need regular repairs for this material but it is useful for resisting heat and has a strong score in this factor.

Asphalt Roofing

 7.  Acrylic Coating for roof

You will need some of the other support tools as well while installing an acrylic roof on the house. The need for a base coat, primer, a durable fabric can ensure a high-quality roof. This reinforced layer of acrylic can turn your roof into a durable part of the house that can take any type of weather and remain unharmed after many years. The acrylic coating can be used in combination with other materials as well rather than fabric. It is great in resisting UV rays as well as hail storms but there can be some water leaks which you need to be extremely cautious about.


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