Planning to Redo Your Bathroom? 5 Things You Should Have on Your List

It’s finally time to remodel your bathroom which for many is one of the most exciting home renovations. After all, there are various ways you can approach this endeavor and some may even include new features like a standalone tub or a Jacuzzi. So if you are planning to redo your bathroom, here are 5 things you should definitely have on your list to make everything perfect.

Plan your budget

Planning your budget will probably be the hardest part when redoing your bathroom. On one side, you will have your expectations and on the other, you will have to sacrifice some of them so you could afford the renovation. Usually, people approach this problem by taking care of the necessary remodels and leave the rest for later when they have the money.
While there is nothing wrong with this strategy, it will also get you far from what you want and that is a new and completely redone bathroom. So, keep your mind open for other design ideas like using different materials, textures, and solutions. This will keep you inside your budget and also give you a new bathroom without having to save for any remodels later.

Bring in the light

Lighting is an important part of your bathroom and is one of the features that you should carefully plan for. First of all, if it’s possible, let as much natural light as possible into the room by adding more windows or expanding the exciting one. Then, think all sorts of lights you can install to be both functional and to set the ambiance.
For example, you will need brighter lights around the mirror or above the sink for putting on make-up or shaving. If you want to relax in your bathtub after a long day, then soothing, warm lights on the walls would create a calming atmosphere. Also, a night light is an excellent solution if you have children or simply don’t feel comfortable in pitch dark.

Ventilation is crucial

Ventilation is something that homeowners easily neglect when they plan to remodel their bathroom. However, this feature is crucial to maintain a healthy environment in your bathroom and avoid potential damages from condensation. Furthermore, it will not be enough to open the window especially when you are taking a shower in the winter months.
Therefore, make sure that the plans include some ventilation solution for your bathroom like vent fan in order to avoid accumulation of moist. Additionally, steam from the showering can enter the rest of your apartment and cause mold, damp walls and damage the furniture.

Upgrade your pipes

While aesthetic appeal of your bathroom is the primary goal, you will also have to make sure that everything is working properly behind the scenes. This means that you will have to hire a professional company like Jake’s Plumbing to take care of the piping system and fixtures. This is an important step when redoing a bathroom since it can prevent leakage and additional costs for subsequent repairs.
Consulting a plumbing company about the bathroom design is also advisable since they can tell you right away if something is feasible or not. That way, you can adapt your design accordingly and keep expenses within your budget range.

Don’t forget the storage

Storage is an important part of any bathroom no matter how big or small it is. So, think about what you would like to keep in your bathroom and create space for those items. A mirrored cabinets are multipurpose furniture you can hang above the sink which makes it ideal for small bathrooms.
On the other hand, a nice wooden cabinet is perfect to store towels, underwear and additional beauty products. Also, use the under-sink area to store cleaning products, toilet paper, and cloths so they wouldn’t be in plain sight and disturb the overall design.

In the end

Planning to redo your bathroom is not an easy task and you will face many big decisions before the works start. However, consider these five things when you start drafting your design and remember to keep an open mind. Some alternatives to your desires may actually be more functional and aesthetically appealing, as well as friendlier to your budget.

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