Art Deco Inspiration For Your Home

The Art Deco era, originating in the 1920’s and stretching right through to the 1930’s, was a movement in arts and architecture that remains as one of the most iconic eras of all time. The impact it had, and continues to have, on fashion, jewellery, home design and architecture is incredible, hence why so many people still want to incorporate it into their homes, whether in the kitchen, living room or walk in wardrobe. If this is you, we are here to help you bring a touch of Art Deco into your home, no matter if you want to spend £10 or £1000, as we have options for every budget. So, let’s get into it and find out some simple ways you can bring the roaring 20’s to your home! 


Incorporate Brass Elements

The Art Deco era was all about opulence, which is why brass was so big at the time. Art Deco homes and buildings would heavily incorporate brass into the design and furnishings, and this is something really simple anyone can do in their home. You could choose small brass decorative accessories for your home, or go bigger with brass leg chairs, large light fixtures and hardware in your kitchen. Something as simple as changing the door knobs on kitchen cupboards or wardrobes can completely transform the space and add an Art Deco touch. The warmth of brass really adds something to a room, particularly if its got a more neutral colour palette already. 


Choose Oversized Lighting

Extravagant lighting was a big thing in the Art Deco era, and again, this is something you can easily replicate in your home. Brass would be ideal, as this looks beautiful when paired with the sparkle of the light fixtures. This could be over your dining room table, in front of a mirror on your vanity, as a big feature in your hallway or you could have two matching ones either side of your bed. Cluster lights look really beautiful in any home, plus you can find really beautiful fittings for as little as around £50. If you’re looking for something that will really make a difference in a room, then oversized or cluster light fittings are the way to go. 

Arch Designs Are Key

Whilst the Art Deco era was all about making things symmetrical and having strong geometric shapes, this was used in conjunction with arch designs. Whilst arches aren’t commonly seen in homes today, there are a few really simple ways that you can replicate this trend in your home. One of the best ways you can do this is if you have a square opening between two rooms, to work with a builder to transform this into an arch shape. This is a beautiful way to make the transition between two rooms slightly more seamless. 

If you’re not wanting to make major changes, one of the most simple things you can do is to get an arch shaped mirror. This will work really well in a bathroom, above a vanity or in a hallway to brighten the space. You can add some lights around the top to really bring it to life. Or, you could get an arch shaped headboard, then add two statement lights either side to balance out the shape in the room. This is an affordable and subtle change to the room that can make such a big difference. 


Make Everything Symmetrical 

Another important component of Art Deco design is to have everything symmetrical. This might be two matching chairs styled opposite each other in a sitting room, matching light fixtures in a bedroom, matching mirrors on either side of your fireplace or similar art on either side of your sofa. Symmetry in your home helps to create a sense of uniformity and tidiness, as well as bringing an Art Deco touch to the room, to bring the whole space together. This creates such a calming and relaxing environment that is perfect for any home. Again, with this tip, you could spend £10 on two cheap frames and print off your favourite photos to go in them, or you could spend thousands on your favourite art if you want to. 


Add Touches of Glamour

No Art Deco space would be complete without touches of glam in the space, and there are so many ways you can do this to fit in with every kind of space. From choosing metallic finishes to adding glass decorations and hanging beautiful lighting, your options are endless. A great way to bring glamour to your dressing room is with a beautiful jewellery box that you can put centre stage on your dressing table, where you can display your stunning vintage emerald rings and other vintage jewellery to make a subtle yet very beautiful statement. It’s a shame to have this jewellery stored away, so this is the perfect solution to add something stunning to the space. 

If you want to mix things up with your soft furnishings, then you should hang a pair of statement curtains, either with an art deco design or ones with hints of gold or silver to instantly bring glamour to the space. You can then get an accompanying plush rug, to bring warmth and comfort to the space, especially if the floor in the room is hardwood or tile. 


Faux Mouldings

If you wanted a more permanent change for your home, then you could look at adding faux mouldings to your home around existing door frames. If you have doors that you don’t think need to be there, then you could remove them and have builders come in to restore the frame and add Art Deco mouldings to the frame of the door. This is such a stunning way to add some flow to your home, making everything feel more open, which is especially good if the rooms in your home are slightly smaller. 

If you want to keep your doors as they are, then you could get Art Deco inspired mouldings to go around the top of your rooms where the wall meets the ceiling. This is usually only cheap to do and it transforms the space. Or, you could go for plaster ceiling details, like Art Deco roses, to really bring something unique that not many other homes have. Again, this will be such an expensive looking addition to your home that doesn’t have to cost you much at all. You may need the assistance of a builder for this to make sure that they are installed completely safely and so they aren’t damaged, as they will usually be made of plaster and can be delicate. 

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