How To Create The Ultimate Dressing Room

For many, getting dressed everyday is more of an essential routine than it is a daily necessity. Spending time putting together the perfect outfit, ensuring that hair and makeup is flawless and leaving home looking and feeling great is part of many people’s day and, as a result, they’re likely always on the lookout for ways in which they can make the space where they get ready more aesthetic and suited to their getting ready routine. 

Whether it’s ensuring there is plenty of storage space, making sure that the lighting is perfect or just fitting in with the decor of the rest of your home, if you are looking to create a dressing room in your home, there are some simple tips and ideas you can use to create the ultimate dressing room. Let’s take a look at a quick guide here. 


Think About The Use Of The Room

Firstly, make sure that you can dedicate a whole room to be used as a dressing room. If the room is currently used for storage, then try to decide where any clutter or bulky pieces will be moved to. Then, if the dressing room is going to be solely for use by you, you can be as creative as you’d like, but you’ll need to decide whether the room is going to be used just for getting dressed, or if you’re going to do hair and makeup in there, too, as this will have an impact on the layout of the room. If the room is going to be used by a partner as well as yourself, or other family members, then you’ll also need to take this into consideration.


Choose Your Furniture and Storage Solutions

Now you know the use of your dressing room, you can choose the right furniture and storage solutions. To do this, think about the types of clothes you have and whether you require more hanging wardrobe space, a dedicated shoe rack or more drawer storage. Decide on the larger items first, as these will take up the most space and then build the rest of the room around these pieces. For example, once you’ve sorted your wardrobe space you can add a feature full-length mirror, or with drawer storage you can find some beautiful accessories to add on top. 

If you’re planning on using the dressing room to do your hair and makeup, then you’ll want to choose a dressing table and chair suitable for your hair and makeup routine. If you have a wide makeup and perfume collection, or use a lot of hair products, then you’ll want to ensure that you have plenty of storage for these, too. Organisation is key when it comes to having your own dressing room!


Know What Clothing You Want To Keep In There

If you enjoy taking your time getting ready in the morning before work, or like getting ready to party with your friends at the weekend, then having these clothing pieces ready to hand is important. You don’t want to be going between your bedroom and dressing room trying to find a blazer to finish off your work outfit or spending time looking between the two rooms for the perfect pair of shoes. 

This is why it’s important to decide early on what furniture you want to have in the room, as this will establish how you store and access your clothing. For example, you wouldn’t store a fancy night out dress folded up in a chest of drawers with your weekend lounge wear, as this could not only damage the dress, but cause confusion when you’re looking for it!

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