French Drains Are Great For Standing Water Problems In The Yard

Many businesses, homeowners, and builders are faced with the standing water problem. This problem is grave in areas where the rains are heavy. The soil is not able to absorb the water and thus continues to stand on the surface. Water drainage is important if you do not want the water to damage your foundation and the basement. In Dallas TX, it rains heavily and many homes are faced with this matter.

Since the mid 18th century, the French drains are being used as a drainage solution. It is a simple trench that is lined with gravel or rock and has a perforated pipe that is wrapped in fabric. The groundwater and surface water are easily directed by these drains to another spot of the yard from where it can exit the property. The pipes used in the drainage system are made of good quality PVC. These hollow pipes expel the water that is collected from the gravel on top.

French Drains Are Great For Standing Water Problems In The Yard

The PVC pipe is covered by fabric to protect the holes in it. It prevents debris from entering the pipe. To make the pipe do its job right it has to be slightly sloping downwards. Water is absorbed from a higher spot in the yard or the garden and directed to a lower one.

This type of drain keeps the water from damaging your foundation. If your foundation gets damp in the humid weather, it can easily attract termites that can eat up the wood in your foundation. Water can also seep through cracks in the foundation and make the basement damp as well. This can promote the growth of bacteria, mold, and mildew which can be expensive to cure. You will need to paint the walls again after you get it professionally treated. Stagnant water also poses a health risk for family and pets. It serves as a breeding ground for pests that carry disease.

If your garden is not able to absorb excess water from the rains you have to get French drains installed to protect your expensive plants. This will allow you to use the garden in any season you like. With a lot of standing water in the garden the property will begin to look unsightly. To maintain your good impression it is always good to pay attention to the way the exteriors of your house appear. When you install a French drain you can choose where exactly the water will exit. The most effective French drain design allows the water to flow from the trench to the surface of the property area. The best thing about these drains is that they are very inexpensive and easy to install. They also do not require much maintenance.

In Dallas, many people want to install the drains on their own and these may not last you long. Repairs will be an added expense in the coming weeks or months, so it is advisable to get a professional drainage contractor to do the work for you. The cost of the installation and the materials are very affordable as compared to other drainage solutions.

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