Simpson Pressure Washer Trailer For Professional Jobs

Keeping the exteriors of the shop and the house makes the property look well maintained. The weather is often windy with wide blowing dust which settles on the walkways and the driveway. To keep the exteriors looking spic and span the pressure washers are ideal. These also come on trailers so you can take them anywhere with you.

With a pressure washer on a trailer, you can easily start your washing or cleaning business. Wash cars, or rooftops or RVs or boats at your convenience. The equipment is not very expensive these days. Many manufacturers are making these washers due to the high demand in the market place. These days, all of us want more convenience. There is no one using the mop outdoors or seen sweeping the walkways. Most are only using the pressure washers due to the better results they offer. The motorized washers have hoses, a place to load detergent and also a power dial. You can speed up the jet of water or slow it down to suit the application. Many models are even designed to heat water for tougher jobs.

Simpson Pressure Washer Trailer For Professional Jobs

The best thing about these washers is that they can clean the hard to get places such as corners. You do not need to bend down throughout the washing process and this makes the washer a good device for the elderly who like to wash their cars, exteriors of the house or the RVs or the boat. The engines of these devices are long-lasting and powerful. You can find one that runs on gas or electricity. The engines that run on electricity are less powerful than the gas-powered engines that can run for longer periods as compared to the electric engines.

Sometimes the grease and dirt are stubborn as it has been there for a long time. For such jobs, the pressure washers with hot water are better. When you plan to buy a unit for your house or work, check the PSI. The higher the PSI rating the tougher jobs the equipment can handle. A 4200 PSI washer is a very powerful device. It is more expensive than a 2500 PSI model as it works more vigorously and gives you better results in less time.

For homes the smaller portable models are fine. For commercial work or your auto repair workshop, a professional-grade model is required. The high-quality, trailer-mounted power washers can be pulled behind motorized vehicles and are ideal for those who want to start a family business.

Simpson 95003 Stage 1 Pressure Washer Trailer System 4200 PSI @ 4.0 GPM has an electric start and costs $9,598.00. It is powered by a Honda GX390 Commercial Series OHV Engine with a low oil shutdown. It has a large 150-gallon water tank which has a drain at the bottom. It

comes with a hose reel and a CAT 67DX pump. The model is backed by warranties on the engine, pump, gun, hose, spray wand, and nozzles. Buy it on sale now at only $5,799.00!

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