How Pests Can Wreak Havoc on Your Roof

It is important to protect your roof against the damage that could be caused by bees, termites, or rodents. If action is taken quickly, it may be possible to get away with repairing a portion of the roof as opposed to the whole thing. Let’s look at the many different ways that pests could damage your roof.

Pests Could Eat Away at Roof Decking or Shingles

Shingles are designed to protect the roof deck from wind, rain and other elements. The roof deck is designed to guard against water leaks that could result in damage to the rest of the home. Once a portion of your roof becomes vulnerable to rain or pest damage, other parts of the roof can experience damage in a short period of time. This is because bugs can consume material quickly while water will always look for holes or weak spots to flow through.

Animals Could Build Nests in the Gutters

A squirrel or another rodent could choose to build a nest in your home’s gutters, which could make it difficult or impossible for water to flow away from the house. If the nest isn’t removed, moisture may seep through shingles or flow into the basement. This could result in mold growing throughout the property, stained walls or a cracked foundation. A pest control company could be able to help you get rid of any insects or critters that choose to build a nest or start a colony on your roof.

Birds May Take Refuge in Your Chimney

It is not uncommon for birds, bats and other flying animals to make your chimney their home. This can be extremely dangerous as it may prevent smoke or other chemicals from exiting the home when a stove or fireplace is in use. Animal droppings could make the walls harder to clean because they will be extremely slippery.

Pests Can Cause a Roof to Collapse

It is possible for thousands of termites or carpenter ants to eat away at your roof at once. Over time, they could eat enough material to weaken the structural integrity of this component. Instead of having to worry about repairing the roof, you may need to find a new place to live until it can be completely restored.

If you notice anything crawling on your roof or flying near it, that could be a sign of a pest problem. As pest issues can put the safety of everyone who lives in the house at risk, you can’t afford not to call a pest control professional, like those at Mike’s Swat Team, to resolve the issue.

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