4 Ways to Keep the Cold Out of Your Home This Fall and Winter

Cold winter winds can make your house miserable if you don’t have good barriers in place. This can include caulking, weather-stripping, plastic sheeting, or thermal drapes. Review the ideas below to protect your home from cold.


Around the outside, make sure your storm windows are closed before winter hits. Check the caulking around outdoor windows to be sure there are no cracks. If there are, use these simple steps to caulk your windows to prevent moisture damage and air leaks. Indoors, you may want to plastic over your windows to seal them against cold. You may also consider adding thermal-backed drapes to keep cold out at night but let light and warmth in during the day.


If you don’t have a storm door, install one. A quality storm door can prevent a lot of air leaks. Also, consider adding a door sweep to keep cold air out. For those who can’t add a door sweep, another option is to simply create a door “sock” that can be laid where the door meets the floor.

Garage Doors

Check out the edges of your garage door during daylight hours and look for light leaks. If there’s a gap for light, there’s room for cold air and there may also be room for rodents and insects. After all, they’re cold too. Replacing the garage door seal or astragal can go a long way toward keeping your garage cleaner and more temperate. Also be ready to replace the bottom seal. This portion of your garage door is exposed to dirt, water, cold and heat. It will become brittle over time and may splinter off or just crumble. These simple garage door repairs can save you a lot of work and expense in the future.


A simple way to help you stay warmer during cold weather is to keep your feet warmer. Once you’ve sealed the windows and the doors, you may find that the floors of your home are still cold. Where you apply the heat to your home matters. For example, if you have a multi-story house, make sure the basement gets heated before the second floor. Physics will heat the second story because heat rises. Most important, don’t forget your slippers.

Barriers to keep your home warm need to be flexible and in good shape. Door sweep, garage door seals, and window caulking will all dry out and get brittle over time. Monitor them on a yearly basis and replace as needed.

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