How to Transform Your Tiny Backyard Into a Space for the Whole Family

If you have a small backyard area, you may find it difficult to create an effective outdoor design for it. A number of yard designs are available for small areas, to help make the most of the limited space. Consider these four ideas for making your yard area more attractive and more usable for yourself and other members of the family.

Use Levels for Backyard Activities

One technique for maximizing space is to utilize levels in your backyard design. The different elevations create the visual effect of a larger space and also help you to divide the area into separate use areas. For example, the higher level could be used for a barbecue and sitting area for adults. A lower middle area could be used for children’s play. The lowest area could hold containers of colorful plants or a small fountain.

Strategically Design Your Garden Area

A tiny yard means you will have to think more carefully about your garden areas. Gardening in containers will allow you to satisfy your green thumb impulses, while limiting growth to a certain amount of space. Vertical planters are another way to enjoy gardening while using space effectively. A garden potting table will allow you to work on your plants, use your garden tools, and still provide an attractive stand for your works in progress.

Dual-Use Outdoor Furnishings

For a tiny yard, you will have to scale down your outdoor furniture in order to avoid overwhelming the space. In addition, look for pieces that can self a dual use. A sitting bench could also have storage area for toys. A table can be used for entertaining or for outdoor children’s play. Shelves attached to the house exterior or fencing can hold flowering plants, decorative items, toys or utensils for entertaining.

Choose Natural Fencing

Enclosing a small yard with fencing materials only serves to make the area look smaller. Instead, use greenery to provide definition and privacy for your yard. Although shrubs require regular maintenance, they can provide adequate shielding and sound absorption for most situations. Choose shrubs such as arborvitae, columnar holly, buckthorn, or cypress trees for attractive and functional natural fencing.

A tiny yard requires a bit of creative thinking to make the most of the limited space. However, a number of products and techniques are available to help you maximize its use, for yourself, as well as for younger members of your family. Keep these tips in mind as you design the space for your unique needs.

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