Decorative Glass: How a Simple Update Creates a Unique Look

Adding a portion of decorative glass to an otherwise ordinary door or window can make your house feel more like your own space. From classic to modern and from frosted to colorful, the addition of decorative glass can brighten your entryway, customize your cabinets, or turn any window into a showpiece.

Privacy and Beauty

To brighten your entryway, consider adding decorative glass to a sidelight or transom. Stained glass is common here, and the bright colors make your home seem more inviting. You can get very creative with the design you choose. If you would prefer a more reserved look, frosted glass and decoratively cut glass panels may serve your purposes better. There’s no need to worry over security when you use glass in your entryway; your glazier can reinforce the glass, and you can choose a glass that obscures visitors’ view of the inside of your home.

Customize Your Kitchen

If your cabinets are in good shape but feeling a little bland, you can fix that. By changing out the panel inserts of just a couple of cabinet doors, you can turn your ordinary kitchen into something eye catching. With decorative cabinet glass inserts in a variety of styles, you can add a classy sense of style to your kitchen or completely modernize it. You may need to connect with a trim carpenter to determine the best way to remove the center panel and add glass to your particular cabinet door design.


A qualified glass artist can also manipulate mirrors to serve in unique applications in your home. These panels can be aged for an antique look, colorized or etched with a pattern to suit your design preference. Mirrored panels can serve in backsplashes and shower surrounds, and a qualified glazier can help you work around challenges such as outlets or light fixtures in any application.

Unique Applications

The addition of glass to balustrades is a great way to add a modern touch to any building. This construction feature will definitely require the work of a trained professional and, under their guidance, you will want to pick a tempered glass. A qualified glass artist can etch a decorative pattern into glass that can be used in a balustrade, so you have many options to make this glass a work of art.

Whether you’re updating the look of your home or your business, a quality glass professional can make your project come alive. Are you looking to add privacy or a spot of color to a boring entryway? Try stained glass. Need a display cabinet but don’t have the floor space? Modify a cabinet. With a glass professional on your team, you can customize any space.

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