Is Your Toilet Underperforming? Consider Upgrading

Your toilet is used many times each day, and you may rarely give it a second thought. As long as it flushes when needed and does not spring leaks or develop other issues, you may continue to use it without care or concern. However, you may have noticed recently that your toilet is now underperforming in various ways. When you upgrade to a modern toilet style, you can enjoy superior performance in the years ahead.

Water Conservation

Today’s new toilets are designed with water conservation in mind. It is easy to overlook the toilets when you review the high cost of your monthly water bill, but each flush costs you more money. Modern toilets use less water and still are able to evacuate the same amount of waste efficiently. One reason for this is because of the force of the water as it rushes out of the tank. Older toilets may use twice as much water with each flush as a newer model, so the savings can add up significantly over time.

More Effective Flushing

Your older toilet may no longer be evacuating the waste as efficiently as it once did. You may notice that you need to flush multiple times, hold down the lever to ensure that all of the waste goes down or take other special steps. Some people find that they increasingly reach for the plunger even when minimal waste is passing through the toilet. If your toilet is underperforming in this way, you can use professional plumbing services to upgrade your toilet and avoid these issues in the future.

Multiple Flushing Options

Some newer toilets have two flushing options. These enable you to control the amount of water that you use based on your specific needs. In many cases, these are combined with innovative designs that reduce water consumption overall. This feature provides you with an additional way to save water with each flush.

Perfect Functionality

A new toilet with modern features that has been installed by a professional plumber will be in perfect condition. It will flush well as needed. It will not run intermittently or incessantly for no reason. Regardless of your current concerns with your old toilet, they will be alleviated with the installation of a new toilet.

A new toilet can also improve aesthetics in your bathroom. Now is a wonderful time to explore styles and capabilities as a first step. You can then contact a plumber to conveniently install the model that you select.


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