TOP 7 Creative Ideas To Decorate Your Home With Travel Souvenirs! Take Them Out!

When did you last travel to somewhere? Was it interesting? Of course, you can always share your memories and give useful advices to your friends. You keep in memory your positive experience when you rented a car from Rentalcars24h. Also, you can share your couchsurfer’s phone number and the list of MUST-VISIT places. But also, you can bear out what has said with your traveling pictures and souvenirs. It can be a fridge magnet, a postcard, or a beautiful shell you found on a beach. All these things mean much for you. Where do you keep your souvenirs? Give them a special place in your home!

living room and kitchen



  1. Stones and shells

Did you visit California last month? You have a collection of colorful stones and shells. They are kicking around the room. You may put them together in a big glassy vase or bowl. Add some flowers or multicolor sand. Your composition looks good on the shelf in the living room. You can add candles in the same color and line, travel photos and share it with friends.

  1. Display your travel pictures

Do you like sharing pictures with your friends? You can spend a great time together, sharing your memories and watching travel pictures. Why don’t you display all your favorite photos on the wall of your living room as a printed collage? Also, you can create a picture wall or represent them in black-and-white style. The variety of frames is big. You can pick the frames and transform your pictures into an impressive gallery. How about the idea to make a calendar using your travel pictures? Think about it.

  1. Display maps, tickets, and other traveling accessories

Is there anything that is left from your last trip? It can be a city map, brochures, tickets, even foreign currency. Switch on your creativity and put all your travel accessories on the shelf, add a few books about the destination, meaningful souvenirs. If you want you can put these things on the wall. How? Just collect everything you want to show and pin it on the board or put into a special wall box with a glassy panel and a picture frame. If you want you make a collage of your tickets, maps, and a travel route. How about creating a special travel wall in your living room?

Modern Square Sofa with Colorful Pillows


  1. Ceramic souvenirs

Ceramic souvenirs are very popular to take from a trip. The nice ceramic magnets, plates, cups, and pots are cheap and easy to transport. Don’t stock them in the kitchen drawer. You have a chance to create a so-called ceramic wall in the kitchen. Paint your kitchen shelf your favorite color or a color of the country you have visited and place all your ceramics on it. The hand-made mugs, colorful plates look good in the kitchen or dining room and make your friends feel homy.

  1. Textile and furniture

Textile souvenirs like pillows, bed covers, table cloth, and others are also popular. They are really great if they are made by hands and have an exotic look. Don’t be afraid to ass a few souvenir pillows to your sofa. There is no need to keep them separately in the wardrobe. That’s so great your souvenirs can be useful! The same is about furniture. Make this souvenir rattan chair your favorite place to rest in!

Living Room Sun


  1. Make a composition

If you have much to show from your last trip, try to organize a special place to display them all, making a short story about your traveling. Let it be a central place in your house. How about a coffee table? What a great idea! Just use the table space wisely. Try to show the brightest of your souvenirs, including the globe, photos, postcards, and even your grandpa’s vintage compass.

Peru - Cusco - Peruvian Artesania


  1. More magnets

Magnets are the cheapest souvenirs. They are sold in the souvenir shops or even in the street, market. They are easy to pack and transport. That’s why people like collecting magnets from any country they are traveling through. What is the most popular place to display magnets in your house? Of course, it is your fringe. How about the idea to create a magnet wall in the kitchen? This wall will tell about your adventures better than words.

Souvenirs always make us feel better. If you have many of them and no time for creating something special, do simple! Just collect all your travel goodies together and display them on the book shelf in your cabinet or living room. Don’t worry you have just a napkin from your favorite restaurant and a jar full of shells and stones. Add pictures, candles, flowers and the souvenir shelf is ready. Your souvenirs are real treasures! Keep them safe and try to change your composition every year!

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