4 Ways You Can Beautifully Decorate Your Small Living Space

You may be living in a smaller space than you were used to previously. As a result, it may be challenging to select the most suitable decorating style for your home. However, there are ways to decorate your home attractively to optimize its size and appearance.

Avoid Oversize Furnishings

Large furniture and heavy draperies can overwhelm smaller living spaces. Choose medium to light-size furniture and use key placement to make your home functional and appealing. Skip unnecessary furniture add-ons like ottoman footrests or side tables. Keep the walls fairly open with thoughtfully-placed decorative art. Use light-colored appliances for the kitchen. The overall look should be cohesive but not dominate the living space.

Allow Plenty of Natural Light

Stick to light or neutral colors for draperies, walls, and flooring to emphasize open areas and to brighten dark nooks or corners. Adorn windows with lightweight blinds and curtains to let in maximum sunlight. Use the appropriate size lightbulbs to keep the rooms well-lit and not gloomy. In mild weather, consider opening your door to let light in through the locked screen door or storm door. Open the curtains, drapes, or blinds each day to welcome the sunshine.

Utilize Windows and Mirrors

When you shop for a smaller home by looking at condos for sale or small cottages to rent, make sure there are an adequate size and number of windows to provide a focal point in each room by using the aforementioned light-colored window coverings. Consider adding accents like flowers or decorative ribbons to bring people’s eyes to the windows where light streams inside. They will thus focus on the light instead of dark areas in the home.

An old decorating optical trick for small spaces is to hang a mirror on the far wall of a room to make the room look longer or more in-depth. Like windows, mirrors can become focal points when centered in an attractive frame that coordinates with the room’s color scheme and décor.

Emphasize Strategic Decorating Accents

Amid the light-colored walls and neutral tones, add splashes of color as accent points. Warm shades of pillows, area rugs, or wall hangings will not only dress up the room but also emphasize by contrast the overall light backdrop. Include a few green plants as living examples of nature to add a relaxing feel to your comfortable home.

Small living areas do not need to look crowded or dark due to size. Work with tips like those above to make the most of your home’s size and maximize its beauty and potential.

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