Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality

A common misconception about indoor air is that it is free of pollutants from outside and thus cleaner. However, research has shown that indoor air quality can be worse than outdoor air quality in almost every case.

The pollutants from the outside can join forces with the irritants inside your house, making your home’s air quality suffer and, consequently, your health. These toxins include fumes from combustion devices, gas from appliances, methane, dust mites, and pet fur or dander.

Ways to Improve Indoor Air QualityHowever, there is less cause to worry because you can use extremely simple ways to improve indoor air quality, so it doesn’t become a health hazard.

1.    Increase ventilation in your house

During the cold winter days, you’re bound to want to keep your windows closed and the house well insulated. If done for an extended time, the stale air inside can become harmful for everyone around you. If opening a window is still not an option, use trickle ventilation.

This 10-inch high screen with extra filters adjusts to most windows and allows fresh air in and throws the indoor pollutants out.

2.    Keep greenery outdoors

House plants are aesthetically pleasing, but they also collect and promote the growth of mold. Especially as someone who is affected by indoor allergens, it is smarter to keep plants outside.

Plants are generally said to improve indoor air quality as they release oxygen. They tend to have more allergens that can be a bigger problem than oxygen production inside your home.

3.    Invest in an air purifier

If you’re extremely allergic to indoor allergens, it is a smart choice to invest in an air purifier to keep your indoor air clean. In general, air purifiers are a good investment as they help with the indoor air quality and protect you from toxic pollutants that can cause breathing problems later on.

Place the purifier in one of the most commonly used areas of the house to capture irritants that might have triggered your allergic reaction.

There are many quality air purifiers available in the market to choose from. Buy one that is specific to your needs.

Improved air quality is a privilege

The ability for us to improve our indoor air quality is a privilege. The irritants, coupled with synthetic chemicals, can cause nausea or headaches on top of breathing problems. However, ventilation, investing in air purifiers, and taking small controlled measures to regulate the kind of air inside your home can improve the quality around you.

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